Partnering Opportunities

Tempest has built its reputation on staying sub-contractor and customer focused. We understand you have choices, and we want to be your first choice for Emergency Preparedness and Response. Our experienced project managers and support staff will work closely with you throughout the process from notification to invoicing.

Our team will also support any supplemental vehicle and equipment requests with Tempest Storm Rentals (TSR). TSR will meet your needs to maximize the number of resources you are able to mobilize. A win for you and equally important, the customer. Here at Tempest, we believe “Superior Storm Response” must allow you to focus on safe and efficient preparation, mobilization, restoration, and returning everyone home safely.

Contact us. We’re ready to discuss a partnership with Tempest Energy. If you are a top performing company looking to enhance and increase the growth of your organization without the administrative burdens, you should partner with Tempest.

Tempest Storm Rentals is your partner for equipment and tool rentals, specializing in utility trucks and heavy equipment.  Immediately available, our fleet includes bucket trucks, digger derricks, crew trucks, backyard machines, trailers, and more.

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